My journey in quotes

We have all read them, we’ve all nodded our heads when we’ve heard them, we even regurgitate them in cards and in conversations…quotes. The things that other clever souls have said which convey our thoughts, our moods and feelings better than we ever can.

I have always been an avid collector of quotes, I have compiled quote books from pretty much every significant chapter in my life. You know what I mean, when you are struggling with an obstacle or reached a metaphorical fork in the road, you read a passage from a book and right there in front of you is a quote which sums up your struggle. I have written them down and revisited them often.

Well, here I am again, another challenge another life changing event another collection of quotes to help me through.

“Life is short”. Indeed it is and it can “change in a heartbeat”. Well, it most certainly has. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 4th of September, had a bilateral mastectomy on the 12th and been at home recuperating since the 18th.*big breath*. I see the oncologist tomorrow for my treatment plan.

The first quote found me the day after my diagnosis while I was distracting myself by reading through my Twitter updates “when we least expect it, life tests our courage. Accept the challenge” Paul Coelho. WOW if that wasn’t meant just meant for me!

The quotes just kept coming…”when we love, we are courageous, and courage has nothing to do without being fearless. It is about being willing to experience fear, even dread, to do what we must, without guarantee of outcome.” Verona Bonta.

“As for courage and will, we cannot measure how much lies within us, we can only trust there will be sufficient to carry through trials which lay ahead” Andre Norton.

May I have sufficient courage for the news tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “My journey in quotes

  1. Sometimes we need someone to simply be there.
    Not to say anything or fix anything.
    But to let us know they are on our side and that they care for us. Anon


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