Double digits

Wow, I’ve hit double digits, chemo number 10…Once again I arrived early enough and had a choice of the 12 lazy boy chairs.  So I tucked myself away in the naughty corner.

Drips are dripping….My veins looked a bit reluctant this morning, even with them being thoroughly soaked in the hot water bucket.  But thank goodness for experienced, vein conquering sister Meryl!  My veins just need to behave for another 5 treatments….

Shal has come to chauffeur me around and to keep me company this morning.  Thank you Shal!

Have had a “flat” week and have had a bit of an issue with numb fingers, toes and the tip of my tongue…a side effect of taxol, I have been told.  I just have to keep my beady eye on it and to let the sisters know if it gets any worse.. like if I find I’m dropping things all the time or battling to feel the pedals when I drive (eish).   The chemo dosage may then need to be adjusted.

I finished in record breaking time today, Shal said she must be my good luck charm!

5 to go 🙂

“But I’m taking small steps’Cause I don’t know where I’m going.

I’m taking small steps And I don’t know what to say.                                                                                               Small steps, Trying to pull myself together                                                                                                                   And maybe I’ll discover A clue along the way!”   Louis Sachar

“The purpose of fear is to raise your awareness not to stop your progress.” Steve Maraboli


2 thoughts on “Double digits

  1. Your latest update reminds me of the looong drive for our family holidays. There were 6 of us squashed into a VW buggy and I was often in the little back seat.

    We are nearly there my parents would say !

    Nearly there seemed to be temptingly close but take forever, but we did get there and the holidays were always great fun The loooong drive was soon forgotten and was overshadowed by the sun and sea and laughter.

    You are nearly there !


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