Parking and Princesses…

So…5 days of radiation are done and dusted and I’m officially a ¼ way through!

I also have the first of my weekly visits with the Oncologist this morning….

What a week! After being told that I wouldn’t really feel any different or see any major changes in my body in the first 2 weeks or so…..typically or rather a-typically (of me) on the eve of DAY 1 I noticed that my radiated skin was already a bit red! By Day 3 and despite all my arm exercises, I could feel the tightening of the fascia in my armpit! I was also told I probably would start feeling rather tired half way through the treatment plan….*so sorry did you say something, I couldn’t hear you over my yawn!*


Being radiated lasts less than 10mins each weekday – I actually spend more time looking for parking!

The hospital and home of the local radiation-ray-gun-machine is undergoing an upgrade, so parking is a very rare commodity in both the allotted hospital parking lot and out in the street surrounding the hospital parking lot!

After being late for my second appointment due to the fact that I was driving like a harassed wild woman round and round and up and down the length, breadth and height of the entire parkade – desperately hunting for an open (and legal) parking spot. I eventually flew into the bunker red faced, red chested and completely mortified – I hate being late for appointments, especially when you have a specifically designated time slot….yes, I’m such a nerd 🙂

I vowed as soon as I got home I would place an “outraged” call to hospital management to complain about the lack of parking (and therefore the lack of compassion), for and on behalf of all the local radiation patients, especially considering it is the only machine in our area!

But as I was driving home rehearsing just the right wording for my protest (and mentally organising some civilized picketing for good measure) – I remembered someone telling me that when she was undergoing radiation 15 + years ago, her closest radiation-ray-gun machine was in Durban, a good 160km commute each day…. I then also recalled Gillian’s conversation with me a few weeks back, she mentioned that the “out-of-town radiatees” are housed in one of the city’s lodges where they reside from Monday to Friday while undergoing radiation – they go back to their respective homes on the weekends and then repeat the process each week for the duration of their treatment plan……

Imagine juggling work, children, pets and L I F E as a weekly boarder miles away from home?

So by the time I drove into my driveway, I felt less indignant and a little more grateful – walking the 500 or so meters to and from my car every day didn’t seem like such a huge ask…..and in the words of one very wise person…….” Suck it up Princess”……………19 to go!


“The way humans hunt for parking and the way animals hunt for food are not as different as you might think.” Tom Vanderbilt


“The world is not a wish-granting factory, gotta learn to suck it up.” Unknown


“When Solomon said there was a time and a place for everything he had not encountered the problem of parking his automobile”. Bob Edwards


“Suck it up! A foolish grumble of advice. Why would I want to suck it up? Why draw it in to let it fester and rot internally until it cankers my insides?

I dare offer wiser words―spit it out! Weep, wail, and raise your voice to the heavens as fresh wounds bleed dry! And then cast it all to the wasteland of dead concerns to be consumed by vultures and maggots.” Richelle E. Goodrich


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