Half way with Arnold and Donald

So today marks my lucky 13th radiation treatment, and the fact that I’m officially just over the half way mark 🙂

I went to see Gillian yesterday just for a bit of a “tune up” session. She wasn’t able to work directly on the radiated area or touch the radiated skin, but it’s amazing all the tricks she has up her sleeve! She managed to loosen my tight armpit and tight pecs (believe me having rock hard boobs are not as fun as they sound!) by doing some weird stretching techniques around my shoulders and back! I left feeling like I always do, at least 5kgs of lymph lighter!!! The pool of fluid below my right boob and armpit is still there but a little less noticeable. I know in a day or two it will all do an Arnold and “be back” but for now I’m enjoying having only 2 boobs instead of 2 and a half!!!

The radiated area is now distinctly noticeable, the skin is rather pink and warm to the touch – just like having sunburn. Gillian noticed a tiny patch of red skin under the armpit which she said I must watch. The radiation therapist had a look this morning and said she wasn’t sure if it was a slight burn or an infected hair follicle. She mentioned that if it is an infection of some sort I may have to go onto an antibiotic. Radiated skin and a lack of lymph nodes do not make a good environment for healing ANY kind of infection So not quite sure what I would prefer – an innocuous sounding infected hair follicle requiring antibiotics or a radiation burn?!

I see the Dent Doctor on Wednesday so I will see what he says, but hopefully by then it would have done a Donald and “ducked”!!!

I have the weekend off and only 12 radiations to go!






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