Pink Hair-raising moments

Well it’s been quite a while since my last post, and much has happened! I got my CT scan results; I have been doing some breast cancer awareness education at some hospitals in our area; Pete and I hosted a tea party to raise funds for Reach for Recovery; and I dyed my hair pink…….yip you heard me….I dyed my very precious hair, PINK!

One of our local hair salons was conducting a charity drive for Breast Cancer awareness, so I thought I would go along and show my support by having a pink streak or two put in my hair. So when I arrived for my appointment the conversation with the hairstylist went something like this…
HAIRSTYLIST: “Hello, what can we do for you today?”
ME: “I would really like to have a few pink streaks put in my hair please”.
HAIRSTYLIST: “That’s wonderful, you know we are charging half our usual price for pink colour foils in October, and the money is donated to a breast cancer awareness project 🙂  Because your hair is quite dark (notice he said dark and NOT short!) the colour may not be as noticeable, unless of course you want us to peroxide your hair first?”
ME: UMMM no thank you, (as I could just imagine my poor fragile hair being singed with peroxide!) a few subtle pink streaks would be perfect for me”.
HAIRDRESSER: “I have an idea, why don’t we just dye your whole head of hair pink so you will be able to notice it a bit more.”
ME: (Conservative to the end, and very particular about my precious, precious hair) “Yes, let’s do that.. “

I saw Kirsten this weekend, and she ain’t too thrilled about the pink –neither one of us are exactly sure how she’ going to get it out!

Oh Well…..
The Tea Party we hosted this weekend was fabulous! We had such amazing support and managed to raise a really decent amount of money! *** I would like to take a quick commercial break to thank everyone who made the day such a success – so much so that I think it may become an annual event in the Elliott social calendar! Fortunately even the weather played along!



Furthermore I ate far too many yummy things and will be avoiding Megan for a while longer!


In my last post I mentioned how I was waiting to have the CT (CAT) scan.

Well, the CT scan is really not a bad experience – all things considered, and as scans go…….Other than drinking the orange dye – cup by sickly sweet cup over the space of an hour; AND having further dye administered via a catheter in my arm (yes they managed to find a vein * happy dance*) which made me feel all warm and fuzzy as though I had peed in my pants: No joke – thank goodness they warned me or I may have been plotting my route home via the adult nappy store…..the scan was pretty quick and innocuous for something that’s sole purpose was to check if the cancer had come back…..

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait too long for the verdict……I got the call later that afternoon from the Dent Doctor….. And despite the fact that I had tried really hard to be positive and blasé about that darn scan – I cannot even begin to explain that millisecond of pure unadulterated terror when his name popped up on my phone! I certainly can’t describe the intense, bone weary relief as he said the words “Janine, it’s clear”……. If I had not been at the Spur that moment, with a table full of little people watching me, I think I might actually have cried.

“I would wear pink because I knew my future was anything but rosy. I would accessorize myself to the hilt, and I would wear flirty shoes because my world needed more beauty to counter all the ugliness in it. I would wear pink because I hated gray, I didn’t deserve white, and I was sick of black.” – Karen Marie Moning

“People usually associate the colour pink with weakness and naiveté; but I associate this colour with the most beautiful parts of the day— dawn and dusk! And in my searching through mystical writings, I have found that pink is actually related to the utmost levels of the Tree of Life. I’ve also seen it in pictures of the sky surrounding the most magnificent Aurora Borealis! So pink is strong and wonderful.” C. JoyBell C

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” Audrey Hepburn


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