Sugar, Walks, Hair Washing and Marian Keyes

Nothing beats a 2.5ish kilometre walk and hair washing to lift a mood!

Ok, so maybe a trip to Disneyland, or an Island holiday OR being allowed to eat the entire jar of Christmas cookies we have in our cupboard (thanks to Nico and Mary-Anne) may also possibly lift a mood.

But travel and stuffing my face full of sugar is off the cards right now…so walks and hair washing it is.

I have always been a firm believer that no matter how awful I was feeling, whether it was from an annoying head cold or just a super bad day, washing my hair always lifted my spirits.

So when I first got out of hospital after my mastectomies when I couldn’t lift my arms or take a shower and get dressings wet, hair washing in general became a rare and rather stressful affair. Even with assistance from Kirsten and Pete it was painful and uncomfortable and left me feeling completely exhausted.

Hair washing was definitely made for post Chemo days! Hauling myself from bed and standing under a warm, comforting shower should have been sheer bliss. I remember raising my hands up to instinctively wash my hair with great anticipation – just knowing that all the nausea and my black mood would immediately be washed away by the lathering of my hair…. (cue the sound of squealing brakes) oh yes, I forgot, what hair?

For some strange reason rubbing my LBD with shampoo just didn’t have the same soothing effect. Cruel really….

So what’s the sugar issue you may ask? Weeeeell, not much to say about that other than my fat clothes need fat clothes…especially after the holidays! Christmas parties, New Year parties, going out for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, chips and (limited) cocktails at the pool have taken their toll!

And as everyone, including Google knows, sugar is BAD!  I have been warned that sugar can significantly increase hot flushes and acidity; AND sugar = fat and fat = an increase in estrogen levels and even more bizarrely shrinks my clothes. Which all = really bad news for me!

So this morning although I was very tempted to stay bed with my kindle and finish my latest Marian Keyes novel, I donned my walking shoes and headed out the door.

Ok, so I may or may not have finished my novel first!

But, and excuse me as I pat myself on my back, I completed my 2,5 ishkm walk despite a VERY humid ‘Maritzburg morning and aching, swollen feet.  I rewarded my efforts, not with a red velvet cookie as I would have done a week ago, but with a soothing and restoring hair wash.

Aaaah it REALLY is the simple things!

Marian Keys1

“Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need and sometimes you get what you get”. The Woman who stole my life, Marian Keys

“What doesn’t kill us makes us funnier.” Marian Keys, The Other Side of the Story

I think there is pressure on people to turn every negative into a positive, but we should be allowed to say, ‘I went through something really strange and awful and it has altered me forever.’ Marian Keys

“It was ironic, really – you want to die because you can’t be bothered to go on living – but then you’re expected to get all energetic and move furniture and stand on chairs and hoist ropes and do complicated knots and attach things to other things and kick stools from under you and mess around with hot baths and razor blades and extension cords and electrical appliances and weedkiller. Suicide was a complicated, demanding business, often involving visits to hardware shops.

And if you’ve managed to drag yourself from the bed and go down the road to the garden center or the drug store, by then the worst is over. At that point you might as well just go to work.”
― Marian Keyes, Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married

“I couldn’t be with people and I didn’t want to be alone. Suddenly my perspective whooshed and I was far out in space, watching the world. I could see millions and millions of people, all slotted into their lives; then I could see me—I’d lost my place in the universe. It had closed up and there was nowhere for me to be. I was more lost than I had known it was possible for any human being to be.”
― Marian Keyes, Anybody Out There?


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