Updates on My Friend Fynn

So as Day 2 of cycle 6 gets underway for my friend Fynn (yes a 2 night stay in hospital with 2 consecutive days of chemo!), I wanted to share two quotes especially for Fynn.

Not from some famous stranger or  long dead celebrity but from two people who love and care for him the most.  Two people who have found themselves living a nightmare for the past year, but who continue to inspire with their honesty and strength despite exhausted spirits; and with unwavering devotion to their children and to each other.

It’s easy to see who Fynn gets his tenacious spirit from…


“So what have I learnt from this year of hell?

I have learned that we are more resilient that we give ourselves credit for;
That life just happens, and you can’t rationalise it;
That the only true freedom you have is how you react to what is thrown at you;
That having a tribe makes a major difference in your ability to choose how you will react;
That everyone has to deal with pain and suffering and that it is contextual;
That you cannot compare or rate a person’s pain;
That to be human is to suffer; and
that with the embrace of love you can deal with anything.”  – Brad (Fynn’s Dad)


“It is strange how life goes… Almost a year ago our lives were unsuspectingly overturned. We had no choice. We do not want this path. Our dreams and hopes for ourselves and our children have had to be realigned. You parents of non-cancer children cannot understand this statement, and that is not accusatory in any way, it just is. And this statement also applies to our non-cancer child, our strong willed and oh so-not-blessed-in-the-vocal-talent-department-but-who-the-heck-cares-it-is-FROZEN girl. Each of us is irrevocably changed by this.

BUT – here is the thing. We find ourselves in a strange place of peace, and not resignation, just peace. Acceptance of the way it is and acceptance of the way forward. Please don’t think we love this and are happy here, but it is what it is, and we are here, and we are.

We are proud of Fynn and his indomitable spirit, his compliance and his attitude. He never gives up. That does not mean he is not sad and lonely and frustrated and angry, but he is a fighter- he does not give up.

We are proud of Kady for accepting that she is a little girl a bit sidelined, but loved no less. We are proud she got 12 out of 12 on her spelling test today,even though I personally think 5 is too young for spelling tests, mmmm!

As a family, Brad, Sandra, Fynn and Kady, we are here, and we are ok.

Thank you all for loving and accepting us through all of this, even the bits that have not been so pretty. This “clearing in the forest” may be a temporary stop, and we are too aware of that, but we are ok right here, right now.” – Sandra (Fynn’s mom)


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