A New Normal for Fynn

An update from Fynn’s Mom today:

Exactly one year ago today, 12/05/2014, Fynn had his first of 30 radiation treatments to his brain. The first treatment, post tumour resection, to fight Medulloblastoma. In the ensuing year he has endured countless procedures and poisons, countless assaults on his little body, countless insults to his little self.

Today, 12/05/2015, the treatment is called off. Enough. His body has taken all it can.

Although not altogether unexpected, it is still a shock, still a new normal, still something to get used to. I imagine most of our supporters are cheering as you read this. I speak for myself, Sandra, when I write this. I want to be elated that the chemo is over, BUT I just cannot bring myself to be. Actually, as the day has progressed I have felt more shrunken. (Oh please, grammar Gods, forgive me!) For us this is the beginning of another beast, another waiting game, another mental torment. Up till this point, we have been under the care of 3B, the oncology ward. Shortly we will be pushed out into the real world to fend for ourselves. That is terrifying. Only people who have walked this path can appreciate this. Please, lovely friends, don’t take that as criticism, we could not have survived this journey without the immense support we have received. For us there is always going to be the possibility of relapse, of secondary tumours, of late-effects from chemotherapy to worry about, never mind the ongoing physical rehabilitation that our Fynn faces.

His hair will grow back, he will get rosy cheeked, he will put on weight, but he will NEVER be that boy I took to the ED back in 2014, he just will not have the same potential again.

Once again, no need to comment. Once again, thank you for loving us, warts and all. xx

Onwards and upwards. Today he asked and we could not say no to maccers, chicken nuggets. Sadly he seemed to enjoy them!

Fynn Mac


2 thoughts on “A New Normal for Fynn

  1. I do not have a child and I cannot imagine. But the waiting and the fear and going back to normal is hard. The hardest is because people miraculously think everything just bounces back to normal right away! And it doesn’t. Nor will it ever. But you seem strong and willful! Flynn is in good hands. I know you said no need yo comment, but I do not know you. I will keep your family in my prayers! Have a great weekend.


    • Thank you so much for your comment – I will pass you well wishes on to Fynn’s mom.

      I have just read some of your blogs and I found your last post rather frightening with the stats you mentioned about how much money (or lack of money) is being spend on other cancers especially childhood cancers! It is something we all should be aware of. Sending you strength and courage to face your next hurdle.

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