A Long Dog Short Story

My famous sausages!!! Love them to bits!  Our story was published on a LongDogGifts website

Long Dog's photo.

I have to share this wonderful & heartwarming story from one of Long Dogs clients.

Frank & Noodle – two very special little dogs

We are the proud and very lucky parents of two sausages, Frank (tan) and Noodle (black and slightly resembling a pork sausage – mostly due to her love of avos and food in general).

Frank had a back op in 2013, fortunately I was working from home at the time and able to take care of him. My life revolved around his rehab and consisted in keeping him strictly contained, only letting him out for ablution purposes. And when I say “letting him out” I use that term rather loosely, the actual reality was having to attach a harness around his tummy and legs so we could literally hold his back legs while he walked on his front legs. With lots of patience, an excellent doggie physio and daily stringently prescribed exercises, he slowly started getting control over his hind quarters. It was often exhausting and frustrating work for us both!

But when I got sick later that year and began the long process of recovering from surgeries, chemo and radiation – Frank more than returned the favour, he and Noodle were my constant and vigilant companions through some pretty dark times. So I know exactly how special these little creatures are!

I am very pleased to say that Frank and I are both doing really well.


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