Reflections on a Christmas Eve #2

And so Christmas Eve 2015 is upon us. And while doing some last minute and unexpected grocery shopping this morning (yip, I know – what WAS I thinking, right?!), I took a moment to observe my fellow shoppers going about their various retail pursuits.

I was immediately struck by the seemingly lack of Christmas Spirit happening around me! It appeared that most were either hurrying around totally unfocused, driving their trolleys like deliberate perpetrators of road rage, parking said trolley illegally or blocking up access to shelves; or wandering aimlessly with vacant eyes from one aisle to the next, getting in the way of the fore mentioned “Trolley Road Ragers”.

The one common factor linking both these groups I noted, was that no-one was buying the makings of tomorrows delicious Christmas lunches and / or eleventh hour beautifully wrapped gifts, presumably for their loved ones, with purpose and happy hearts. So what in fact, I found myself asking, was the point?

After collecting what I needed and negotiating my way through disgruntled shoppers at the tills, AND after witnessing a fight over my recently vacated parking spot, I was reminded of a very well-known quote. One I felt compelled to share as Pete and I watch the sun set on yet (gratefully) another Christmas Eve…

Grinch Christmas quote 2


2 thoughts on “Reflections on a Christmas Eve #2

  1. After my experience at the traffic light yesterday with a rather abusive lady with an “apparently broken” car (and not just poor driving…) I’ve also wondered where the Christmas spirit is this year. It seems that everyone gets so wrapped up in their own reality that they forget to see the bigger meaning, keep some perspective on what the festive season is all about and appreciate the small things which are taken for granted.

    That aside however, I am grateful and looking forward to spending another Christmas with you – think of how different this time of year was just 2 years ago – so instead of counting the presents this year, to me its more about being fully present and appreciating all that we have, and that we share with family and loved ones at this time of year.

    “The joy of brightening others lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing each others loads and supplanting empty heart and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas”
    – W C Jones –

    “I’ve learned… that its not what I have in my life BUT who I have in my life that counts.”
    – Anon –

    ” Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life”


    • Thank you Pete! Yes you have had some interesting experiences in the last few days haven’t you!😊. Yes so easy to get wrapped (pun totally intended 😉) in all the stress and nonsense surrounding this time of the year. This coming from the queen of commercial Christmas herself! But when it’s done with resentment and unhappy hearts we surely need to rethink our priorities?
      Thank you for all you are xxxx


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