NYE 2016

So another year is in the dying stages of its current revolution around the sun, and the new year is slowly emerging, fresh and promising on the horizon.  And so it is not uncommon for many of us to begin reflecting on what was, and most often, of what wasn’t, the last 365 days of our lives.

For some, it appears, this year cannot end soon enough. And from posts I have read on Facebook this week, it appears to be the general consensus of many of my FB friends.  Understandably so.

Some have lost a spouse or a parent, a cherished pet, nursed sick children, battled disease both physically and mentally, had career crises or fought demons this year that others knew nothing about.

And seriously 2016, George Michael???!!!!

So while reading through all the posts of facebookers throwing shade at the year that was, I am once again reminded of one simple word, “perspective”.

Believe me, I know just how hard it can be to find something to be grateful for.  Often it can be downright impossible.  Sometimes it’s the realization that no matter how bad, things actually could be worse!  And sometimes it’s simply acknowledging the fact that you’re around to see in another year.